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Dust-Free White Board

RL-001 Dust-Free White Board


Writing Surface Material: adopt the high quality rustproof galvanized steel  thickness≥0.4mm as basement,  Crystal Ge Nami ,Japanese high-tech coatings, formed at high temperature . Environmentally Friendly, Odorless, Matt white, Gloss <15 º, Hardness> 4H. No cracks, No flow marks, No bubbles and other defects. Delicate, Smooth Writing, No residue after wiping .Wear and Corrosion-Resistant 

Multifunctional :Can be used as projection screen with its pastel colors, connect with interactive projector can be upgraded to Interactive White Board to realize a multifunctional board with dust-free writing board + interactive whiteboard +projection screen .Non-reflective board surface offer an excellent visual effects at any viewing angle for students  and  protect student's visual health effectively.

Core Material: Polystyrene foam sheet craft, Thickness> 15mm, Unit square pressure> 20kg, Smooth Surface, No creases, No deformation. Writing without squeak. Improve writing feel.

Back Board: High quality rustproof galvanized steel, Thickness ≥ 0.25mm, Forming Mold, Stylish Shape, Strength Increased, Solid and Durable.

Frame Material: Super luxury high-strength industrial aluminum frame, size 45 mm.

Angle Wrap Material: Anti-ageing, Strengthened ABS Plastic, Streamline design, Forming Mold, Stylish appearance.

Regular size: 4000mm × 1200mm, 4000mm × 1400mm . width less than 140mm, no limit for length. Customer made.

Passed ISO9001, ISO40001 and OHSAS18001.


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