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Dust-Free White Board

RL-004 Mid-Mounted Model



RL-004 Mid-Mounted Model (Multi Media LCD Display) Dust-free White Board

The structure of Mid-Mounted (Built-in track, Frame and Track integrated design)


Regular size: 4000mm × 1200mm, 4000mm × 1400mm . Supporting the physical dimensions of the LCD Display, can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the school; Form a complete set of moveable writing board equipment with self-locking , completely blocked and protect LCD Display after locking.

LCD Display embedded in the Dust-free white board , placed in the middle, wall mounted design without brackets.

There are two fixed inner writing board parallel with the middle LCD Display and   two outer sliding writing boards . Push the sliding writing boards to the sides to use LCD Display. The LCD Display can connect with computer and projector. Pull the sliding boards to the middle and lock it when not in use.

Writing Surface Material: Crystal Ge Nami ,Japanese high-tech coatings, formed at high temperature . Environmentally Friendly, Odorless, Matt white, Gloss <15 º, Hardness> 4H. No cracks, No flow marks, No bubbles and other defects. Delicate, Smooth Writing, No residue after wiping .Wear and Corrosion-Resistant.

Multifunctional :Can be used as projection screen with its pastel colors, connect with interactive projector can be upgraded to Interactive White Board to realize a multifunctional board with dust-free writing board + interactive whiteboard +projection screen .Non-reflective board surface offer an excellent visual effects at any viewing angle for students  and  protect student's visual health effectively.

Core Material: Polystyrene foam sheet craft, Thickness> 15mm, Unit square pressure> 20kg, Smooth Surface, No creases, No deformation. Writing without squeak. Improve writing feel.

Back Board: High quality rustproof galvanized steel, Thickness ≥ 0.25mm, Forming Mold, Stylish Shape, Strength Increased, Solid and Durable.

Frame Material: Super luxury high-strength industrial aluminum frame, size 45 mm.

Angle Wrap Material: Anti-ageing, Strengthened ABS Plastic, Streamline design, Forming Mold, Stylish appearance.

G-type mosaic pulley fitted with damping sleeve, to ensure smooth sliding, durable, noise ≤ 36dB.

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