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Interactive White Board

Digital Laser Interactive White Board

Digital laser Interactive White Board is composed of Digital interactive white board kit and normal multifunctional white board,by working with normal projector and short throw projector to achieve all functions of interactive white board, Remote and Non-tough operation by a laser pen,writing with a marker pen and easy to clean.

Technology Features
Digital Interactive White Board kit

  • With using the principle of laser,own design og circuit and transmit&receive device,realize positioning of central image within 3 seconds automatically and positioning accuracy within±1 pixels.
  • With using image control technology of optical-sensitive,specific digital pen and software to achieve the writing,postil and allfunctions of interactive white board.
  • With using Sweep analusis of photoelectricity and specific software,after positioning,automatic frame induce the working area whivh can be over 400〞.
  • Low Power Consumption,small packing,light.weight,connect,with projector for running,reduce the configuration requirements of multimedia devices,save the wiring,installation etc.

Multifunctional White Board

  • Adopt Aluminum Honeycomb board with high resolution coating to make the board surface without reflections and light spots,with wide effective angle,support 1080Pand contrast over 8000:1,fine image and colour rendition,high strength and diggicult to get scratch.
  • The baard not only use for projection,but also can bewritten by normal marker oen,easy to clean.
  • Available size fraqm 76〞-88〞

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