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Choose Screen

How To Choose a Screen

From:Jiangsu Redleaf Audio & Visual Equipment Co.,Ltd. Date:2015-3-30 9:37:09 Views:

Choose the screen type:Electric Screen,Wall Screen,Tripod Screen,Stand Floor Screen,Vertical up Floor Screen,Mobile Floor Screen,Table Screen,Swing Screen,Rear Projection Screen.
Choose the Projection Formats,1:1,4:3,16:9 etc.You can choose as your needed,Special sizes on demand.
Choose the screen size:3 essential factors for choosing suitable screen size:
1.Choose the width of screen
a.The suitable watching distance is equal to the diagonal of screen.
b.The width of screen can be calculated by the diagonal of screen:
4:3 format:W=Diagonal×0.80     2.35:1 format:W=Diagonal×0.92
16:9 format:W=Diagonal×0.872   16:10 format:W=Diagonal×0.848
2.Choose the height of screen
4:3 format:H=W÷4×3       2.35:1 format:H=W÷2.35×1
16:9 format:H=W÷16×9     16:10 format:H=W÷16×10
3.Leave space margin
Leave some space margin while installation,the suitable distance from the bottom of screen to the ground is 0.7-1.25m.
For example:
You want to buy a 100" electric screen with 4:3 format,
1.the screen size:
2.the space needed:
h>2.5m W>3m
If the site meets the above condition and the brightness of the projector is about 1000Lm,you can choose 100",with a gain of more than 2.9,Boast Electric Glass Beaded Screen,to get high brightness.
Choose the screen surface:
Choose a suitable screen surface according to the quick reference of surfaces and features.

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